It all started with a dinette set...

"The kitchen in my first cottage had been redone in a 50's style and I found a dinette set from the same era that matched it perfectly.   My appreciation for Mid-century design grew as I learned of its contribution to the fields of design, industry and culture.   I began to educate myself to recognize the best of mid-century furniture and design.  I discovered some surprisingly good pieces in the area and collected them... and then I collected some more.  Looking back, I think I was on my way to becoming a hoarder!  Over time, my knowledge grew with experience. I left my job in 2002 to work full-time in my passion.  I started with a space at an antique mall and have been growing ever since.

It's important to me for people to realize the significance of Mid-century modern to the progress of the 20th century.  There would be no 20th century architecture without Le Corbusier, Eames, Saarinen and van de Rohe (who coined the phrase, 'less is more').  These architects designed the best of Mid-century furniture and shaped the culture in ways that are so profound that our lives today at home, work and play continue to be influenced by them. The simple beauty of the designs and the sense of nostalgia reminds me of the idea of true progress."

Vic BW Small.jpg

"With Loisel Vintage Modern, I want to create an appealing environment of Mid-century design that makes people want to live in it everyday."  - Vic Loisel